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I am a freelance photographer and photoimager and my photos and photocollages are primarily of the Rochester and Western NY area. You will see beautiful waterfalls, beaches, parks, portraits and a glimse of life here. I work in Black & White & Color. I use Adobe Photoshop to enhance and to manipulate my work. I also make photo collages. My work is for sale and I am available for assignments.

I have been a photographer for a few years and I love what I do. Photography is a wonderful medium that can be as simple as documenting an event or as complex as the emotions of the photographer. As a creative outlet, photography has given me opportunities that I could not find in other mediums.
Please, feel free to explore my work. You will be looking at my heart and my soul.

You can order prints of any of the photos displayed here and / or the photo collages which are limited editions.
Click on the "Orders" button at the top of each page for details or simply E-mail me at this address.

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Buttonwood Par 3 Golf
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